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Library Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 8PM

Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Saturday: 9AM - 1PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Contact Us

19901 Stony Island Avenue

Lynwood, IL 60411

Phone: 708-758-0090

Fax: 708-758-0106

Wifi Hotspots

Wireless Internet Access

Patrons using wireless access provided by the Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library are subject to the Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library Electronic and Online Information Resources Policy and the Patron Behavior Policy.

  • The library’s wireless network is open and non-secure.
  • The Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library is not responsible for any damage to personal equipment, software or data that may occur as a result of using the library’s wireless network. It is highly recommended that you use anti-virus and firewall software and updated patches when accessing any wireless network.
  • Response speed, bandwidth, the ability to connect to the wireless Internet network, and continuity of connection are not guaranteed. Wireless users may experience loss of signal from time to time and the library cannot take responsibility for loss of data. Frequent backup of important files is recommended.
  • You must have your own wireless device with Wi-Fi capability. Patrons may not connect their own equipment to the library’s computer network or to library computers by means of a wire or cable.
  • You are responsible for knowing how to configure your own equipment and how to access wireless networks through your device’s operating system. Library staff cannot configure, diagnose or modify a library patron’s equipment.
  • The library cannot guarantee the security of equipment owned by library patrons and is not responsible for the theft or damage of personal laptop computers and other devices. NEVER LEAVE YOUR EQUIPMENT UNATTENDED.
  • Patrons may connect their wireless devices to any available electrical power outlet, provided the cords do not create a hazard. Patrons may not unplug library equipment, move furniture, or block exits or aisles.
  • Headphones must be used in the library when using devices with sound; headphones are not provided by the library.

The Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library reserves the right to prohibit anyone from accessing the wireless network if that person is violating any of the policies or guidelines of the Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library.

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